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Welcome to Mimi’s Essentials.

I started this site to share with others the benefits I’ve discovered in using  100% Pure Essential Oils.

I have a large family and was tired of using products that contained so many synthetics and chemicals.  Not only did these products have ingredients I couldn’t pronounce but they also list the possibility of having negative and/or dangerous side effects.

I hope you’ll enjoy following along with me on my family’s journey of using Gifts from Nature. We have started using these natural, homeopathic ways to treat various health issues such as headache/migraine, digestive issues, body aches/pains, allergies, arthritis, coughs, stuffy noses, colds, flu, mood enhancement and so on.

Essential oils do not take the place of prescribed medicines, however, you may be able to replace some over-the-counter medications.  I do not recommend that you stop taking any prescribed medicines. Nor do I recommend that you stop seeing your doctor.  In fact, feel free to share with your doctor if you plan to start using essential oils.  Also feel free to do your own research on the benefits of using essential oils.

Many doctors, dentists, nurses and hospitals are joining in the use of essential oils.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to have an Essential Oils home workshop where you and several of your family and friends can learn about essential oils.